Episode 25 - David Myrick
Mold Remediation 101

Demystify the mold remediation process as you learn to distinguish between effective and harmful practices. You will be taught how to recognize what proper containment and source removal look like, as well as the phases of remediation, including containment, negative air pressure, demolition, and immaculate cleaning. Discover red flags in the remediation process and uncover truths about fogging, encapsulation, and air scrubbing. Receive valuable tips on what to look for in a remediation contract to ensure the job is performed safely and effectively.

  • Distinguish between effective and harmful mold remediation practices.
  • Learn the four phases of remediation.
  • Truths about fogging, encapsulation, and air scrubbing.
  • Tips on what to look for in a remediation contract.

David Myrick (my-rick), owner of Valor Mold, a mold remediation company in the DC metro area, in 2006. 

Did bad remediations, like everyone else, for a couple years. Then two mentors convinced him to take his first mold training class and was shocked at what the S520 Mold Remediation Standard said. He’s been remediating mold for 17 years and has appeared on Fox 5 news, WTOP radio and other major news networks in the DC market.