Episode 31 - Kristina Baehr
Mold Law 101

Gain insight into navigating the complexities of poor indoor air quality litigation from a personal injury attorney as she candidly shares her family’s challenging journey through mold and the legal system. Learn about the litigation process from the plaintiff’s perspective, including the utilization of safety rules and the assessment of the value of toxin injury cases. Explore the key factors that determine the strength or weakness of a case in the context of indoor toxin exposure and discover the steps involved in building a robust legal case.

  • A personal injury attorney shares her family’s journey through mold and the legal system.
  • Litigation from a plaintiff’s perspective, including safety rules and the value of toxin injury cases.
  • Determining the strength or weakness of a case and how to build a robust legal case.

Kristina is a national trial lawyer who represents sick people against the companies that made them sick. She founded Just Well Law to help clients recover financially so that they can rebuild their health and their lives.

Kristina is used to high profile, high stakes litigation. At a national trial firm, she represented plaintiffs in bet-the-company cases like Trilogy against SAP, the Medical University of South Carolina against AstraZeneca, Ericsson against Samsung, and TiVo against Comcast. These cases resulted in over $1 billion in revenue for their clients. For TiVo, she led back-to-back trial teams of more than 20 lawyers to victories before the International Trade Commission, ultimately leading to nine-figure royalties. She was honored by her peers as a Texas Rising Star from 2015-2019.

As an Assistant US Attorney, Kristina then represented the United States in civil actions, including catastrophic personal injury. She defended Army doctors accused of medical malpractice, USPS drivers after catastrophic accidents, the Air Force in premises liability, and the VA and FAA in employment disputes.

After tragedy hit her own family, she returned to the plaintiffs’ side and founded Just Well Law to help other families in crisis. She built the personal injury firm she couldn’t find for her own family. Health and wellness require financial resources, and Kristina is relentless in pursuing the maximum recovery for her clients because she has been there too.

Kristina attended Princeton University and then Yale Law School. Committed to using the law as a tool of empowerment, she has helped people living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda find financial freedom, founded the domestic violence clinic at Yale Law School, and helped the Ministry of Justice of Liberia launch a sex crimes prosecution unit with the Carter Center. She served as a federal clerk for Nancy Gertner in the District of Massachusetts. And she teaches trial lawyers as an instructor for the National Institute of Trial Advocacy.


  • Princeton University, the Woodrow Wilson School

  • Yale Law School



  • Texas

  • New York

  • Massachusetts

  • Connecticut

  • Western District of Texas

  • Eastern District of Texas

  • Southern District of New York

  • Federal Circuit

  • Fifth Circuit