Mold remediation is like the wild west. 

But there’s hope!  Learn the ins and outs of navigating the mold remediation process safely and successfully.

This FREE guide gives comprehensive insights on how to protect your health, your home, and your finances from ineffective and unsafe practices used by some remediation companies.

Why this is important:

Learn what good remediation does
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Protect yourself from insufficient and
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Empower yourself with this FREE
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Relevant Information

What does safe and effective remediation look like?

Use this guide to gain a clearer understanding of each of the critical steps necessary to safely and effectively remove mold and water damage from
your home.

In-Depth Research 

No need to guess. You'll walk away understanding:

⊙ How mold is like a factory
⊙ Why not to use bleach
⊙ 4 steps to removing microbial growth & water damage
⊙ Why chemical shortcuts aren’t effective

Consumer-friendly language

Learn the terms and the process in
consumer-friendly language so you can
navigate the remediation process like a



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