“At the age of 4, my daughter started to lose her hair. By the time she was 5, she lost every hair on her head, face, and body. This is our story about how my little girl’s condition ended up saving our home, and everyone in it.” – Jamie Way

Please join us for an incredibly heartfelt and raw conversation with Jamie Way. In this interview, Jamie shares his family’s journey to healing his daughter’s Alopecia and the connection her condition ultimately had to the hidden toxigenic mold, water damage, and lead paint they eventually found in their home.

His story is a powerful reminder of the ways that our indoor environment can drastically impact our health in varied, unexpected, and even life-altering ways.

Jamie’s mission and message is one of awareness, empowerment, and ultimately hope.

“Since our diagnosis, we are constantly told there’s no cure for alopecia. But let me be clear: We didn't cure her alopecia. Alopecia is a genetic response to chronic inflammation. We discovered what was causing this inflammation and removed it. Once there was nothing to respond to, she began to heal.”- Jamie Way

You can learn more about Jamie’s story by reading his article on our website here, or by listening to his moving interview below.

  • The first signs that something was wrong with his daughter (1:14)
  • Meeting with a dermatologist and learning about alopecia (6:52)
  • Alopecia diagnosis, treatment plan, and learning there was no “cure” (10:01)
  • Coming to terms with the fact that treatment isn’t working (18:55)
  • The final meeting with the dermatologist (21:08)
  • A giant gold dragon, a rainstorm, and his breaking point (23:17)
  • No stone unturned – looking for clues everywhere (25:35)
  • Stumbling upon how to treat alopecia holistically (27:22)
  • Gut healing, diet changes and his daughter’s breaking point (28:50)
  • Making the first connection between health and mold in the home (33:55)
  • Dealing with subpar mold inspections, but finding the first important clue that the home has a problem (36:14)
  • How one spore of Stachybotrys on an air test changed everything and how a single hair finally begins to grow (37:53)
  • A leaky roof, a leaky sink, and the problematic window that ended up being the missing piece of the puzzle! (40:12)
  • A major turning point - remediating the window and watching patches of hair begin to grow and gives them hope (43:27)
  • Healing, hair, and hope! (46:16)
  • Deciding to document their journey (48:26)
  • Advice for those who are struggling with unexplained health issues (49:51)
  • The whole family’s health improves – eczema, skin issues, gut issues, energy levels, and more! (53:28)
  • Final thoughts from Jamie – “What happens if it all comes back?” (58:10)

To learn more, be sure to read Jamie’s journey in his published article on our website, It’s Not Just Hair - My Daughter's Journey to Healing Alopecia.”

"After her window was replaced, it was like a switch in her was turned on. One after a thick patch of new hair appeared. Not one stand-alone that we've seen come and go. Hundreds of little hairs huddled together and layered on top of each other." - Jamie Way