Today we are joined by Kristina Baehr, founder of Just Well Law Firm, a justice and wellness law firm, where we talk about what you need to know when building a legal case after exposure to mold and water-damaged buildings.

Fueled by her family’s own experience with a water-damaged home, she built the personal injury firm she couldn't find. While she currently handles cases in Texas, she advises and consults on exposure cases around the country.

In this interview, Kristina shares some of her advice for those considering whether a legal case is right for them.

  • Kristina’s journey that ultimately led her to found Just Well Law Firm. (1:20)
  • The Melinda Ballard mold case and the aftermath of that ruling. (8:17)
  • What makes a good legal case? What steps do people need to take if considering a legal case? (13:31)
    • Step 1: Hire a certified independent mold assessor. (13:51)
    • Step 2: Hire a mold literate doctor. (15:45)
    • Step 3: Reach out to her law firm. (16:45)
  • Consider leaving the home that is making you sick for a viable legal case. (18:55)
  • The importance of documentation and tips when looking for a lawyer. (23:08)
  • Breaking a lease and the Warranty of Habitability. (27:01)
  • The statute of limitations (SOL) and why it matters. (37:14)
  • What happens if your landlord “remediates” and it doesn’t work? (38:55)
  • Final thoughts from Kristina. (41:50)

A special note from Kristina: If you reach out to Just Well Law, they can provide you with some helpful resources even if they are unable to take your case.

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