Our organization is excited to announce that Change the Air Foundation has formed a new advocacy alliance with another nonprofit organization, the Military Housing Coalition (MHC).

The Military Housing Coalition is a dedicated advocacy group firmly committed to securing safe, adequate, and dignified housing solutions for our nation's military service members and their families. At the heart of their mission is the unwavering pledge to ensure that every military family has access to quality housing, free from health hazards and substandard conditions. The coalition actively seeks to cultivate collaboration among stakeholders, policymakers, and housing partners, working towards a common goal of addressing housing challenges. Through collective efforts, they aim to implement policy reforms and empower military families to secure housing that is both safe and suitable.

Our two organizations will work together at both the federal and state level advocating for updated laws, regulations, and policies that help ensure the basic right of every person to breathe safe air in every home and building – military and civilian alike.

For more information, please visit our Policy page on our website for free resources and how you can help to make an impact in your state.