Public Policy

We at Change the Air Foundation envision a world where people are free of the harmful effects of unsafe indoor air. Our public policy view is based on the understanding that our community, and those we serve, are vital contributors in our democratic society. Your voice matters. To help inspire the public policy reforms needed to realize that vision, we aim to:

  • Educate leaders at every level of government about the dangers that water damage, mold, and other indoor air pollutants pose to public health;
  • Advocate for updated laws, regulations, and policies within the United States that help ensure the basic right of every person to breathe clean air in every home and building; and
  • Empower our members to use their voice in support of meaningful reforms that will better protect all of our communities. Each of us has the power to make a difference. With your help, we’ll do it together.


We at Change the Air Foundation believe that each person is their own best advocate when equipped with reliable and up-to-date research on how to safely address mold, water damage, and other environmental factors that impact their home and health. We aim to:

  • Connect people with reliable, accurate, and actionable information;
  • Empower our members to make informed decisions when working with professionals and making choices for themselves and their families; and
  • Build a community of individuals dedicated to raising awareness around the serious risk water-damaged buildings pose to our health and home.

Clinical and Environmental Research 

We at Change the Air Foundation support research that answers important questions and finds solutions to problems created by indoor environmental pollutants. We aim to:

  • Partner with and provide grants to passionate researchers, scientists, medical professionals, and organizations whose research focuses on improving the lives of those impacted by their indoor environment.
  • Answer key questions about the effects of indoor environmental pollutants on our health and buildings.

Financial Assistance - 2023 Initiative 

We at Change the Air Foundation realize that fixing a home damaged by environmental pollutants is expensive and often not covered by insurance companies. Further, finding appropriate medical treatment typically means paying for doctors and treatment out of your own savings. Whether it’s the cost of making your home or body healthy once again, we will explore ways to provide financial assistance for those most in need.