Join us for an insightful conversation with Dr. Katherine Carvlin, a naturopathic physician and president of the National Association of Environmental Medicine. She explores four categories of indoor air contaminants and discusses the populations that are most vulnerable to health effects posed by poor indoor air quality.

Dr. Carvlin shares her expertise on the health impacts of gas appliances and carbon monoxide, while providing solutions to reduce exposures. She also explains the growing threat from EMFs and wildfire smoke, as well as how to protect yourself from their effects. Walk away with proactive steps you can take today to protect your home and family from indoor air contamination.

Episode Highlights:

  • What are four categories of air contaminants? (1:50)
  • Who is at risk of harm posed by air contaminants?  (6:00)
  • How do gas appliances impact our indoor air quality? (9:10)
  • How can you reduce indoor carbon monoxide exposure? (13:06)
  • How do Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) affect us? (16:09)
  • What are some tips to protect yourself from EMFs? (21:23)
  • What are the health effects of wildfire smoke? (24:20)
  • What are some tips to mitigate the effects of wildfire smoke? (29:23)
  • What are some steps Dr. Carvlin personally takes to improve indoor air quality? (35:23)

For a transcript of this interview, click here. 

Links Mentioned in This Interview:

  1. EPA local air quality data:
  2. EPA fire map:
  3. Community network of air pollution monitors:
  4. NAEM’s wildfire smoke resources:

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