Please join us for an interview with our guest, Brian Karr, where he clears up some common misconceptions related to mold, water damage, and your home. He helps us understand the difference between things like: mold vs. mildew; indoor environmental professional (IEP) vs. remediator; gutting vs. remediation; and more!

If you have ever felt overwhelmed by vague and conflicting information regarding mold, inspections, and remediations, then be sure to check out this interview!

Episode Highlights:

  • Mold vs mildew (1:16)
  • Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP) vs Remediator (2:58)
  • Gutting vs Remediation (7:30)
  • Mold Spore vs Mycotoxin (12:02)
  • Home inspection vs mold inspection (17:05)
  • Indoor mold vs outdoor mold (20:47)
  • Surface cleaning vs. source removal (24:45)

----Episode Spotlight----

According to Brian Karr, “An I.E.P. which is short for indoor environmental professional….think of those as your inspectors, the people that are finding and guiding a process. The remediator is more of an executor, they come in and execute a plan that was developed by your I.E.P.  So your I.E.P. comes in and says you have a mold in this spot, this spot, and this spot, and in order to remediate the you need to do X, Y, and Z. Then the remediator comes in and really their job is to execute the plan that the I.E.P. put together – how to remediate, the process, the steps, the order, all of that stuff.  Remediators are not inspectors…that’s not their area of expertise. It would be like asking a brain surgeon to diagnose cancer in someone’s body.”

I.E.P.s and Remediators have different skillsets and goals. Involving both in your home project will help ensure the best possible outcome!

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