This week are joined by special guest, Bridgit Danner, LAC, FDNP, and author of The Ultimate Toxic Mold Recover Guide: Take Back Your Health, Home, and Life!

In this interview, Bridgit speaks not just as a health care practitioner but as someone whose health was harmed by living in a mold and water-damaged home. Bridgit shares some common symptoms caused by mold and highlights three steps for recovery from her book.   

  • The different ways mold affects the body. (1:07)
  • Common symptoms from mold (4:07)
  • Mold can affect people in the same home differently (7:04)
  • Symptoms in children versus symptoms in adults (9:12)
  • Three steps from Bridgit’s book: (11:48)

                        Step 1: Master the Foundations of Good Health

                        Step 2: Establish your detox routine

                        Step 3: Targeted Symptom/System Repair

  • Common tests and labs practitioners can run and what do they tell you (25:04)
  • Things you can start doing today if you are in mold (33:17)
  • Things Bridgit does to stay healthy (37:11)

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