Do leaky pipes and flooded crawl spaces plague your dreams?  Have no fear, the Mold Mentor is here! Jessica McQuade shares how you can prevent the most common water-damage nightmares with careful planning, monitoring, and maintenance. Learn how to put a stop to leaks before they happen using a treasure trove of tips. From roofs, to crawl spaces, and everything in between, this episode will empower you to become the most prepared homeowner on your block. So, grab a notebook and get ready to take action today to safeguard the health and safety of your home’s indoor air quality.

Episode Highlights:

  • How Jessica became involved in the field of mold coaching and consulting. (1:21)
  • #1: What to be aware of and how to mitigate the failure of water-based appliances. (3:11)
  • #2: The areas of a roof that are most prone to leaks. (6:46)
  • #3: How exterior hose-related intrusions can cause water damage. (8:24)
  • #4: How to check for vulnerabilities in tiled showers, and tips for bathroom maintenance. (10:11)
  • #5: Which hazards to look out for within a crawl space. (14:54)
  • #6: Potential water-damage dangers lurking in attics. (19:49)
  • #7: Common water-damage risks for basements. (22:04)
  •  #8: Parts of an HVAC system that should be examined to prevent water-damage. (26:54)
  • #9: What to monitor when it comes to sinks. (29:03)
  •  #10: How to check windows and doors for risks related to water-damage. (31:31)
  • How improperly executed water damage restoration can put your home at risk. (35:13)
  • A real-life example of a water event that was properly handled and resulted in a positive experience. (40:35)
  • How you can best planahead for which actions to take in the event of an urgent water-damage event. (44:40)
  • Kendra’s challenge to listeners. (46:59)

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