There are no shortage of articles these days discussing the advantages of various types of air purifiers and cleaners on the market. COVID-19 brought these technologies to the forefront of many people’s minds along with questions like, “What air purifier is best for my home or building?”

Even prior to 2022, air purifiers and air cleaners were big business. Walk into any major retailer or online store and you will see machines that range in price from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. They come in various shapes and sizes all while touting the superiority of various proprietary technologies. Frankly, it is overwhelming for the consumer to navigate knowledgably through the wide array of products available today.

At Change the Air Foundation, we believe that an informed consumer is an empowered consumer. That’s why in today’s interview we speak with Carl Grimes, a long-time veteran in the indoor air quality arena, about important factors consumers need to understand before they buy an air purifier.   

While this topic is worthy of multiple hours of discussion, this interview was designed to provide some foundational information that will help to empower the consumer to understand more about the various types of machines currently on the market as well as provides some key tips to keep in mind before purchasing a unit.

If you have every wondered “Can this air purifier/cleaner remove mycotoxins?” or “What is a HEPA filter and how does it compare with other filters?” then be sure to check out this interview where we answer these questions and more!

Episode Highlights:

  • Carl shares how his personal health journey influenced his career in indoor air quality (1:34)
  • Early air cleaners and HEPA filters (17:44)
  • Picking a machine that’s right for you
  • Step 1: Understanding your goals when buying an air cleaner (19:57)
    • Removing particles vs. reducing odors 
  • Step 2: Understanding different types of air cleaners and how they work (22:50)
    • Air cleaners that work by altering or changing the pollutant (ozone, hydroxyls, PCO, UV, etc.)
    • Air cleaners that work by removing the pollutant (HEPA filters, etc.)
  • Step 3: Understanding how to compare machines (34:05)
    • Square footage
    • Air Changes per Hour (ACH)
    • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)
  • A special reminder: Why an air cleaner does not take the place of proper remediation (47:40)
  • Why it’s not as simple as “Tell me which air cleaner to buy!” (49:25)

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Disclaimer from Carl Grimes: “The information and opinions expressed are my own and not necessarily those of the Foundation or anyone associated with the Foundation or this video series.”

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