Join us for part two of the ultimate deep cleaning method to banish mold, bacteria, and dust from your home. John Banta, a certified industrial hygienist, author, and indoor environmental consultant renowned for his expertise in medically significant mold and water damage investigations, immerses us in the meticulous science behind “effective cleaning”. 

In part two of this informative two-part series, John dives deep into discussions over the “butter test”, considerations for cleaning carpets, and the problem with “inhibition” when it comes to mold testing. Whether you’re aiming to minimize mold and bacteria exposure, cleaning for post-remediation, or wanting to perfect your everyday cleaning routine, John’s methods will help you refresh your home’s air and surfaces. Sit back and breathe in confidence as you bid farewell to cleaning misconceptions.

Episode Highlights:

  • What is the “butter test” and how can it help us determine which cleaners are effective? (02:15)
  • Can carpet be effectively cleaned, and if so, how? (12:29)
  • What is “inhibition”, which products cause the phenomenon, and how can it cause inaccurate mold test results? (28:25)
  •  Do you always need to conduct mold testing to know if mold is present? (46:54)

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