Join Brian Tinker of Tinker Homes as he shares his expertise on how to build a healthy home from the ground up. Brian’s knowledge is rooted in personal experience, having taught himself the intricacies of building a mold-safe home amidst his family’s battle with mold-induced Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS). Brian shares valuable insights as he compares and contrasts various home ventilation systems such as ERVs, HRVs, and Fresh Air Intakes, describing which system may best align with your climate and home dynamics. Discover how current building codes can inadvertently jeopardize your home’s indoor air quality, while learning the often-overlooked risks associated with crawl spaces and techniques to mitigate humidity levels. Learn how to spot red flags in roofing and window installations, and the critical role of air gaps, outdoor drainage systems, and home elevation. 

Whether you are embarking on a new home build or undergoing extensive renovations, this interview is brimming with savvy tips and expert advice to ensure your home will be a sanctuary of health and well-being.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Brian shares his family’s experience with mold-induced Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), and how it led to a shift in his home building business. (00:58)
  • How Brian ensured his home was a healthy environment for his family. (6:14)
  • What are some improper roof installation practices that can lead to mold? (7:34)
  • Why is it important to elevate your home? (8:58)
  •  How do air gaps help prevent moisture accumulation? (10:56)
  • How do some current building codes contribute to poor indoor air quality? (13:54)
  • How can an ERV system improve your indoor air quality? (17:33)
  •  Would an ERV or an HRV be the best choice for your home? (19:30)
  • How important is source removal to improve air quality? (21:51)
  • What are the differences between a Fresh Air Intake and an ERV? (24:18)
  • What are some of the risks with crawl spaces? (27:23)
  • What should be done to keep humidity low in a crawl space? (31:01)
  • What should we know about drainage systems for foundations? (33:44)
  •  What should we look out for to ensure proper window installation? (35:25)
  • How do current building codes affect the best choice in ventilation systems? (38:05)
  • How do current building codes and proper code execution affect your home? (44:02)
  • What key steps should you begin with when building a new home or extensively remodeling a home? (48:04)

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About Our Guest:

Brian Tinker has been building custom homes in Colorado for the last 20 years. During this time, Brian has seen many changes in building science, and oftentimes the changes within building codes have not been based on what's best for the people that live in the homes. This became very real for Brian, when his family discovered that his wife and son both had mold illness. Living in a 1931 house with plenty of water damage became an immediate issue. Tinker Homes had already begun changing the way they were building to make homes healthier, but this new information rapidly increased the building science changes in his company. Brian is now working with several organizations and groups to increase awareness about building new homes with better building practices to change the quality of the air inside the homes.

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