Ashley Spanovich of Awakening Spaces and Amanda Boldin from Keto Canary bring much needed awareness to how the things we buy and bring into our home affect our health. They remind us:

Every single item in our home has the ability to nurture our health or create a burden on our body moving us further away from our goals.

Building materials, furniture, finishes, appliances, and decor all invite different chemicals and pollutants into our indoor environment.

When we introduce new items into our home, we also introduce whatever chemical or biological material the item is composed of into our home which can all impact the indoor air we breathe every single day.

Our bodies have to figure out how to process what we eat, what we breathe, and what we consume. The best approach to lowering exposure is AVOIDANCE, but before we can AVOID, we must be AWARE.”

In this interview, they take us through a healthy homemaker, offering easy swaps and substitutions for the rooms where we spend the most time: family room, kitchen, bathroom and finally our bedroom.

Download the slides here. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Cleaning Products (5:43)
  • Living Room (10:30)
  • Bathroom (26:37)
  • Kitchen (38:58)
  • Bedroom (55:55)
  • Jumpstart to a Healthy Home Checklist (1:08)

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Amanda Boldin, Keto Canary

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---Episode Spotlight---

“Every piece of furniture, every piece of décor, every piece of clothing or food, everything we have is an opportunity to say whether or not we should bring that or allow that into our home. Use your door as your biggest filter and your filter every single thing that comes through that door” -Ashley, Awakening Spaces