The Millers - Part 1

We know that it can be overwhelming to explore the connection between your health and home.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find trustworthy and up-to-date information to guide you in making the best decisions for your family. That’s why over the next few weeks we will be taking you on a journey through the eyes of a fictionalized family, the Millers. Their story is based upon real encounters that happen every day around the world.

We will highlight where things went right and where things could have gone better (plus accurate facts, tips, and suggestions) so that everyone in our community doesn’t make the same mistakes.

We hope their story and the resources we provide along the way will help you on your own quest to create a healthier home and a healthier you.

PART 1: Meet the Millers

Should I be this tired,” Sarah wondered? “I’m only 40 years old” she mumbled to herself.

While she was a single mother of two kids, she couldn’t help but wonder if her fatigue and memory issues were caused by something other than simply getting older.
Her son, Sam, was also having another rough day with his own long list of symptoms: some physical, some behavioral, some unexplainable.

Her mother’s intuition told her something wasn’t right…

Sam was her first born child. Like many kids, he loved playing outside, hated to clean up his room, and was an overall typical kid. Since he was three, Sarah had raised him and his younger sister as a single parent. At age 10, Sam was now closer to teen than toddler.

Sarah figured the upcoming teenage years were the reason behind his changing behavior over the last year.

Sam complained more frequently of headaches and was fighting more with everyone else in the home. Oddly, he had also started wetting the bed at night, something that hadn’t happened since he was a toddler. All of this led to a lot of restless nights for both Sam and Sarah, and the lack of sleep definitely wasn’t helping the situation. It was a battle to get Sam ready and out the door to school on time every morning.

Even more alarming was the fact she had started getting notes and phone calls from Sam’s teacher saying that his work was suffering and that he was acting out in school.

She kept trying to reassure herself that this was just a preview of the teenage years. But she couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that this was more than preteen behavior. Luckily, she had an appointment with Sam’s pediatrician the following week, where she planned to bring up all these concerns.

On the other hand, Sarah was able to breathe a sigh of relief when it came to her daughter Sophie. Sophie was a relatively healthy eight-year-old who struggled with asthma like a lot of kids her age. Speaking of, Sarah made a quick mental note to herself to ask the pediatrician for a refill of Sophie’s asthma medication at the appointment next week.

With nothing left to do but wait for the appointment, Sarah’s focus shifted to what she would do about Sam and Sophie’s grandfather, George.

George moved in with them three years ago. The kids loved having their grandfather around all the time, and Sarah was beyond grateful for the extra set of hands. It was a huge blow for their family when George had been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s a few months ago. The diagnosis had Sarah questioning how long she would be able to continue to care for him, manage two growing children, and work a full-time job.

Sarah was in the middle of wondering why everything seemed to be going wrong lately when Sophie came bounding up the stairs to tell her there was a new puddle of water in the basement again.

To be continued…

Stay tuned for part 2 as Sarah juggles her family’s declining health and a newly formed water puddle in the basement.


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