Join us for an interview with Brandon Chappo, cofounder and Directory of Public Policy for Change the Air Foundation!

In this interview, Brandon shares his own experience living in a water-damaged building that made him sick and ultimately led him to fight for better policies and laws for the people in the state of Ohio. His own journey has played a key role in establishing Change the Air Foundation’s second major initiative dedicated to Policy and Advocacy.

To date, the federal government does not regulate indoor air quality. Further, most states have little to no regulation regarding disclosures, certifications, inspections, or removal of mold and water-damaged materials in homes and buildings. This means there is little oversight and protections in place for the consumer, ultimately leaving you and your loved ones at the mercy of the seller, landlord, insurance company, inspector, or remediation company. This needs to change.

Be sure to listen to our interview to learn more about what you can do to help change the policies and legislation in place in your state! Your voice matters!

  • Brandon shares his own experience living in a water-damaged indoor environment and how that led him to cofound Change the Air Foundation. (0:43)
  • How mold is legislated in the US and what protections are in place for consumers. (8:05)
  • How to advocate in your own state to change the laws. (12:55)
  • Change the Air Foundation goes to Washington D.C. (18:38)
  • Brandon shares what has surprised him most over the last two years advocating for change (22:08)
  • Advice for those who are affected or sick by a mold and water-damaged building. (24:49)

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