This insightful presentation offers a comprehensive framework for understanding the four types of mold-related illnesses, including infection and colonization, allergy, direct toxic and metabolic effects, and whole-body inflammation. Listeners will gain a wealth of beneficial information on mold-related conditions, specific testing and labs, holistic and pharmaceutical treatments, and how to follow a low mold, yeast and mycotoxin diet. This is a must-watch for health professionals and anyone seeking to improve their understanding of mold.

Episode Highlights:

  • Understand the four types of mold-related illness.

  • Mold-related health conditions and testing used to diagnose them.

  • Holistic and pharmaceutical treatments targeting each form of mold illness.

  • How to consume a low mold, yeast, and mycotoxin diet.

Note: This interview was originally featured as part of the 2023 Change the Air Foundation Summit. All episodes are free, accessible 24/7, and can be found on our website or by visiting our 2023 Summit page here.