Spring is in the air, and so are the dust, grime, and microorganisms that have built up since your home’s last deep cleaning. Michael Rubino, a Certified Microbial Remediation Specialist, leads us through his top ten tips for refreshing your home from the inside out. Michael discusses the exterior of your house, HVAC system, appliances, as well as small and large surfaces found inside your home. So, pull out your microfiber cloths and spray bottle, because it’s time to take your spring cleaning game to a whole new level.

Episode Highlights:

  • Tip #1: How to clean your HVAC. (1:40)

  • Tip #2: How to clean your gutters. (5:30)

  • Tip #3: How to clean the exterior of your house. (7:16)

  • Tip #4: Evaluating the landscaping around your house. (9:50)

  • Tip #5: The importance of washing bedding. (12:52)

  • Tip #6: How to clean infrequently cleaned surfaces inside your home. (16:16)

  • Tip #7: How to clean your grout and caulking. (20:34)

  • Tip #8: Cleaning the inside and outside of appliances. (24:00)

  • Tip #9: Cleaning porous and non-porous furniture. (26:49)

  • Tip #10: How to clean floors. (29:40)

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