The previous mini classes in the "Testing Options for Your Home" series were designed to help you understand more about individual types of commonly available testing options for your home. Our final mini class in this series is designed to put all those pieces together so you can understand which tests to run and when based on your own unique circumstances and goals. 

In today’s mini class, we discuss which tests to run and when so you can put together a personalized sampling plan!

You’ll learn:

  • Overview of what grows in a water-damaged building
  • Three levels of the indoor environment
  • Reasons to test your home
  • Types of samples:
    • Source area samples
    • Dispersion samples
    • Biotoxin samples
  • Goal Based Sampling:
    • Renter
    • Homeowner
    • Buying or renting
    • Insurance and litigation

Download Mini Class Slides here.

A few important reminders about testing:

There are no perfect tests.

Each test has specific purposes and limitations.

Testing should answer a question you have about your home and influence your next steps.

Ultimately, testing is just one piece of the puzzle. Any testing should be done in combination with a thorough visual investigation of the entire home taking into account the history of the home and the health of the people in it. A good Indoor Environmental Professional (I.E.P.) can help you with this process. For more information on the role of an I.E.P., check out our resources, here, here, and here.

Additional Mini Classes:

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